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Revitalizing Your Indoor Cooling

Professional Coil Cleaning Toms River

Coming home to a cool, cozy house on a steamy summer's day is the epitome of refreshing. To keep enjoying cool, cleaning the coils is crucial.

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What is A Coil and How Does It Work?

Evaporator and condenser coils are standard components of an HVAC system. Although the condenser coils are typically found outside, the evaporator coils are typically found within a room that is connected to the furnace or air handler.

Within the system, each group of coils has a specific purpose. To put it simply, cooling coils dehumidify air and allow condensate water to drop off the coils and into a drain pan. While evaporator coils collect heat and moisture from inside a space. After that, condensate drains out of the pan via the drain line.

Cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils is crucial preventive maintenance for HVAC systems because they serve as the process bookends, and overall system upkeep is critical.

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The Impact of Debris on the Coils

Due to their specific placements, as well as the fact that they move air and remove moisture, evaporator and condenser coils are prone to problems. For instance, the evaporator coils’ internal location inside the system makes them vulnerable to bacterial, particle, and possibly microbial growth, among other types of particulate growth that can impair both the HVAC system’s operation and the quality of the air inside a space.

The mechanism becomes less effective when one or both coils are unclean. A condenser coil that is clogged, for instance, releases less heat, requiring the system to operate harder or longer. Such inefficient performance has the potential to damage other system components and lead to more serious problems down the road. On the evaporator side, a filthy coil can produce moisture because it obstructs the removal of water from the air, slows down the cooling process, and limits the amount of airflow that can be given.

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Revitalizing Your Coils

How to Clean the Coils in Your Home's AC Evaporator

It only takes a few basic steps to complete the easy and uncomplicated operation of cleaning the coils in your air conditioner. For increased safety, turn off the circuit breaker and turn off your air conditioner at the thermostat first. The evaporator coils, which are housed inside your indoor handling unit behind the detachable access panel, must then be accessed.

By doing these simple maintenance tasks, you can lower the likelihood of costly repairs and failures and save money on energy costs by keeping your air conditioner operating smoothly and efficiently.

The Key to Efficient HVAC Lies in Our Coil Cleaning Services!

To clean the coils in your air conditioner, follow these steps:

Open The Access Panel

Examine The Coils

Clear The Condensate Drain

Replace The Air Filter

Test The System

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You can rely on our experience, knowledge, and professionalism to maintain the cleanliness and effectiveness of the HVAC systems in your building. Additionally, we ensure that every task is finished in an environmentally sustainable manner and in compliance with EPA regulations.

Every day, our mobile units are sent out to service businesses of all sizes from coast to coast. Every task, every wash, and every wastewater removal are completed by Accurate Duct Cleaning trained professionals following the national standards we have established.


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